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Turning information into income.. (2323 hits)

What would you do if you could earn up to $2 for every license plate you could write down?
Can you write 10 license plates down a month, and show 3 people how to do the same thing?
It is THAT SIMPLE. NO CATCH..NO SELLING...NO PRODUCTS...Simply provide the license plate data, and show other people this opportunity!!! It cannot get easier than this!! The Data is your "product"!!!!!
GROUND FLOOR--Networking opportunity became available July 09.
Has the 4 things you should get out of any company you involve yourself in:
1. Immediate Benefit (You pay $125 to become a consultant for the company, I instantly give you the information you need to get your $50 fast start bonus)
2. Mass Appeal (There is no selling of anything, it is obtaining data that you could walk outside your house and get in 5 minutes-ANYONE can do this)
3. Affordable ( It is ONLY $70 out of pocket initially!!! Once you recruit only 3 people, you already have ALL you money back with a $5 profit..who else can say that?)
4. Duplicate able ( Everyone can show someone how to write a license plate number down!! HA HA!! EASY!!)
The top producer for the month of Dec made a NICE 5 figure income, he is 28, never done MLM, and he did this in ONLY 2 months...
Feel free to listen to any of our conference overview calls, as our support is Phenomenal...
Contact me for call-in numbers and times
If you wish to attend the Webinar email me and I will get you the ID#

Call me after the call if you have any questions. If you get my voice mail, please leave me a message so that I can call you back.

David Hayden
(404) 519-3153
(888) 678-5581
Posted By: David Hayden
Wednesday, February 3rd 2010 at 4:58PM
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